Saturday, March 28, 2009

What Guests Will Remember

Guests don’t care about the wedding’s details like we do. But there are certain sentimental aspects that give all of us warm fuzzies. I don’t know about you, but for me, the best weddings are the ones where I come home and I want to fall in love all over again. Here are some things I guarantee they will and won’t remember.

WILL: That the bride looked radiantly blissful and confident in her dress.
WON’T: That the bride was five pounds thinner.

WILL: Vows said with meaning and heartfelt sentiment.
WON’T: Brilliant, original vows that showcased impeccable writing style, but failed to say what you truly meant.

WILL: A fun reception where everyone got a chance to dance and shake their booty without judgment.
WON’T: That every single song you told your DJ to play got played.

WILL: A warm ambience and welcoming decor.
WON’T: The exact flowers used in each centerpiece or that the shade of mauve in the table linens matched the mauve in the napkins.

WILL: That the bride and groom mingled with their guests and had a good time.
WON’T: That the flow of the day did not exactly follow the specified timeline.

WILL: Bridesmaids and groomsmen that were truly happy for the couple.
WON’T: That the bridal party was perfectly matching from head to toe.

And lastly, guests will always remember a happy couple newly married and in love. Because that is definitely something worth remembering. =)

source: Wedding Bee

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