Saturday, March 14, 2009

Two Years

It's been two years and still stings.
I specifically took a leave off from work so I'd be able to visit my Tito Pong (the other two days off were just extras I didnt really plan on). Going down the car and walking towards his grave, I felt like somebody was literally squeezing my heart.It hurt. It still hurts.

To some people it may sound weird, the way it's still painful even after two years, but I guess unless you were able to experience losing someone so close and someone you really really love, it would be a bit hard to understand. In a way, I think we've all been able to go on with our lives but then it definitely hasnt been the same. There always seems to be a hole, a missing part.

I remember when James and I decided to get married and I told the rest of my immediate family. My lola was there, Ninang Grace, the kids, my Lola Daday. When I finally announced it, they were all so happy. They literally clapped their hands and let out a couple of happy squeals. Then my Ninang Grace started tearing up and she looked at me and said: "Papa Pong would have been so happy." It took all of me to stop myself from bursting into tears.

She was right. Tito Pong would have been so happy. Miss you Papa Pong.

I am a witness to the suffering of my people.
I am a chronicler of truth and a catalyst of change.

-The Scholastican-