Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Japan Pre Nup Pics by Nelwin Uy

Nope, it's not ours. ahahaha. It's too early. =) Chanced upon this one from a w@wie post and I have to admit, I got a tad bit envious. ahahaha. =) dream ko talaga tong ganitong pics with the cherry blossoms. oh well, soon. =) Nelwin Uy is such a superb photographer. I am truly amazed with the wealth of talented photographers that we currently have.

I have to admit that at first, I thought we would have limited choices, but when I started making the list of possible photogs for our wedding, it turns out I have more than ten. ahahaha. Just goes to show how talented Filipinos are. Galing, galing! =)

more pics from Nelwin's blog: http://www.nelwinuy.com/blog/

I am a witness to the suffering of my people.
I am a chronicler of truth and a catalyst of change.

-The Scholastican-

Saturday, November 22, 2008

crazy week

Whew. got into a bit of a tizzy last week. First, I had to finalize our Hong Kong-Macau trip, which was really not supposed to push through until last Monday, waaaaah. Cramming galore. I spent hours upon hours of surfing sites just to get all the information we would need. We'll be leaving on the 27th and will be coming back on the 30th. Whew. Crossing my fingers that everything will go smoothly.

One gripe though, I have communicated with the people from the two hotels that we've booked and for some reason the rates for their internet connection are through the roof! Our hotel in Hong Kong boasts of LCD TVs and Ipod Docks in their rooms, but I was told that for me to be able to connect to the web, I'd have to pay HK$150 per day for Wi-Fi (that's roughly 900 plus pesos) or HK$100 (roughly 600 plus pesos) for Broadband. Ugh. Our hotel in Macau practically had the same rates. Double ugh.

Hello! I mean, at this day and age, when WiFi is free at Starbucks or even at Burger King, I'd have to pay like a thousand pesos just to get net access for a day! Waaah. Makes me have second thoughts of bringing lappie along. I dont know if my kuripot persona could take it. ahahaha. On the other hand, I do need web access cause I have to finalize details with James (he's arriving December 1. Talk about hectic.) as well as with a couple of wedding suppliers we're supposed to meet the week after. another waaah.

Speaking of wedding suppliers, I had quite a bit of a sad moment the other day. I was informed by the photographer we were so intent on booking, that he was already booked on December 18 2009. Yup, more than a year to go and yet somebody already got him. Sad. No one to blame but me, I guess. I just really wanted James here when we start reserving the major suppliers. I guess it wasnt really meant for us.

Oh well. I've decided to stop obsessing about it, what's done is done. We have a wealth of talented pinoy photographers. It's just a matter of finding one that would fit our budget. I've already initiated communication with three possible photogs and we're supposed to meet them between December 2-4. I'm already excited! =)

It's gonna be a tight couple of days, but I just really want this thing booked and done. One less thing to think about. Whew. Here's to hoping everything will just turn out smoothly. I can feel it already, December's gonna be one hell of a crazy month. ahahahaha. =)
I just found out that I am one payment shy of officially owning lappie. yey! ahahaha. this was my first big purchase, and I am pretty much proud that I was able to pay for it out of my hard earned money. hahahaha. =) Next stop: wedding expenses. waaaaaaaaah. ahahahaha. =)

I am a witness to the suffering of my people.
I am a chronicler of truth and a catalyst of change.

-The Scholastican-

Friday, November 21, 2008

of leaves and suprises

We've all been there. You know those days when we're lying on the bed, wishing we didn't have to go to work and then thinking: "hmmm, what if I just call in sick and then sleep all night long." I'll be honest I have come close to calling in sick about more than ten times (hahaha) 'cause I felt like my pillows were calling me to go back and sleep. But for some reason, my conscience always gets the better of me.

Just this morning, I found out that all those days that I have chosen to step away from my bed and haul my ass off to work have basically paid off. By some sort of fluke we had extra four paid leaves and that's on top of my 10 encashable leaves. yey! I was super happy. I got to choose the dates that I wanted and all of those days would be when James gets back home. another yey! =) Love it. =) I was literally smiling on my way home, which probably looked a little bit crazy cause I didn't have anybody with me. hahahaha. =)

Another good news that I got this week was about the w@w auction. a little backstory: WeddingsAtWork held an auction wherein things like hair and makeup trials, photo and video packages, flowers, wedding coordination, etc were all up for bid. I wish I could have went for the big ones like Cecilio Abad Wedding Gown Packages or a Jason Magbanua Video Coverage, but most of the big ticket items were only until November 2009. Oh well.

But since I could not resist joining in, I just bid on the hair and make up trial packages, particularly Eddie Bruan's. It was fun and exciting. With literally 20 seconds left, I was able to win an Eddie Bruan HMU Trial for 750 pesos (it was worth 1,500). I was so happy. I mean, I saved like 50%. When I got the email from Ms. Benz confirming that I won the item, imagine my shock when she told me that I didnt have to pay for it. They're giving it to me for free! Wow! =) Talk about lucky. =) All this because I'm a w@w bride. =) hahaha. I just love being a w@w bride. =)

I am a witness to the suffering of my people.
I am a chronicler of truth and a catalyst of change.

-The Scholastican-

Saturday, November 15, 2008

piggy bank project

As much as I dont want to, I have to face reality that money is a factor in planning a wedding. For couples like me and James, who choose not to ask our families for monetary help, it is a bit of struggle. Scratch that. It's a huge struggle. With the rise of prices these days, if one is not careful, you can easily incur hundreds of thousands in wedding expenses without even noticing. waaaah. no, no, no.

It has been a huge challenge for us to save. James has gone ahead and started working two jobs, so you can just imagine how exhausted he is. I, on the other hand, have been trying to get myself a second part time job, but it's a bit hard to find one that fits my current schedule. So in the meantime, I have decided to put my Piggy Bank Project into action. ahahaha. =)

What I do is make myself put away 100 pesos a day. (yes, make. I've actually set my phone to remind me to do this every single day for the next 300 days. ahahaha.) I think it was just a couple of months ago when I figured that if i do this religiously for 10 months or 300 days, I'd have 30,000 pesos. sweet. =) That could easily pay for the flowers or the dessert bar or a van rental. This is on top of my monthly scheduled wedding savings. In short, extra money.yipee. =)

I roadtested this in an effort to save up enough money for my share of the Baguio trip (which incidentally would not push through.) and in two months time, I actually had more than enough. yey! =) My dad would always wonder why I kept on saying that I had no money even if it was just a day after payday. Well, technically, I really don't have any, they're all in my piggy. ahahaha. =)

I don't know about other people, but for me, it's actually harder to put away a huge amount once a month rather than doing it daily with smaller amounts and then realizing that I actually ended up saving more. =) Besides, it helps that I don't see the money. Less spending. ahahaha. =)

I tried to share this with James but he had his own financial plan. Oh well, whatever gets the job done, I guess. =)

I am a witness to the suffering of my people.
I am a chronicler of truth and a catalyst of change.

-The Scholastican-

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hairspray Invades Manila!

I know this whole Hairspray Manila thing is old news, but it was only this morning that James and I decided to forego our Baguio trip and go watch Hairspray instead. yey! =) Planning to get the tickets by Tuesday, my one last leave from work before December. I actually had my heart set on Baguio, but when I saw this clip from Our Awesome Planet, I completely forgot that I have been driving myself crazy making Baguio plans for the past two weeks. ahaha. =)

Here's a sneak peek of Hairspray Manila courtesy of Our Awesome Planet:

I've fallen in love with Hairspray about a year ago. I love how it's funny, fun and thought provoking all at the same time. And it doesn't hurt that it's a musicale. I looove musicales. hahaha. James does too, but he'll probably deny it. ahahaha. =)

As I was digging through youtube, I was able to come across this behind the scenes clip from Hairspray (2007). Loved Michelle Pfiefer and John Travolta. =)

Let's just hope we get good seats, cause otherwise, we'd probably just fall back on our Baguio plans. hahaha. =) *crossing fingers *

I am a witness to the suffering of my people.
I am a chronicler of truth and a catalyst of change.

-The Scholastican-

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

a little bit of wedding stuff

I woke up and had the urge to blog. The problem was I really didnt have anything to write. hahahaha. =) Good thing I came across a post from Ni of w@w , sharing pictures of her flowergirl gowns. I have to say, I absolutely love them. =) They're so adorable. =) The gowns also pushed me a wee bit more to finally go for the navy blue, although we will be mixing ours with a touch of fuschia. =)

Anyway, grabbed a few of the pics, hope she won't mind.. =) Got them from her blog: http://tanivillamora.wordpress.com/2008/10/24/flower-girl-gowns/

I love the fullness of the skirts. I was actually thinking of giving all my girls (bridesmaids included) full skirts. Of course, they'll probably cost a bit more, but I like the way it looks on pictures, especially when the whole entourage gathers for a group pic. =)

The brooch detail I also like. James and I have decided that there will be no beading whatsoever with the entourage gowns (except for the gowns of our moms) or if ever, it will be very minimal.So I had this idea of just placing brooches on the gowns to add a little bit of sparkle. I wanted pink brooches, though. I actually have one, I just can't remember where I got it. ahahaha. =)

Can't believe it's already November. A few more weeks and James will be back home, yey! =) Can't wait. December is right around the corner. Waaaaaaaaah. One year to go. I honestly cannot believe that it has already been six months since we started preparing for our wedding. And what do we have to show for it? Umm, our church and the reception venue. ahahahaha. =) Come December, I'm pretty sure wedding stuff will be coming out of our ears. hahahaha. =)

I am a witness to the suffering of my people.
I am a chronicler of truth and a catalyst of change.

-The Scholastican-

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Take A Bow with a Twist (by HappySlip)

James sent me this video from HappySlip and I love, love, looooove it. Got a bit teary eyed with the words she used in her Take A Bow Version:

You stand before me right now
Telling me all your vows
In front of God and our friends
I'll stay with you til the end
I pledge my life

After all that I put you through
You have shown your love that is true

And this is what I know
You are not self seeking
It's your humble heart
That always thinks of others
You are worth the wait
Noble man of honor
I stand before you now
and I accept your vows

For better, for worse
For richer, for poorer
In sickness, and in health
oh I am yours

I stand before you now
and I accept your vows

And then just when I was about to close the window, I saw that James made a comment (he's F5inc) on the site. Here's what he said:

F5Inc (1 hour ago)
this is really good. if there's only a way i could make it a song in my coming wedding when making the vows, i'd do it. thanks for the song.

awww. so sweet. =)

Saturday, November 8, 2008

work, babies, parties and true friends.

It has been a sluggish work week. We've been on a heavy workload and I think it's beginning to take its toll on me. I come home and all I wanna do is sleep. James has been around more often than usual but that didn't even perk me up. He has been commenting on and off about how I have zero energy (true.). I dont know, I just feel tired and a tad bit overworked. Hopefully, things will be better this week.

One great thing about my week was getting to see the girls. It has been soooooooooo long since we last saw each other. Even if I had zero sleep, we invaded Keane's party with our endless stories and booboos. hahaha. =) It was nice to get reminded about how truly blessed I am to have friends like them. It has been years and yet here we are, still the same girls, cracking the same jokes (although our topics have since evolved to more mature ones. hahaha.)

Doesnt matter how rare we see each other, I know we'll always, always be friends. We've all gone through a lot, but I think what made things easier for us was the fact that we have gone through the tough times together. With them, I could just be me without fear of ever being judged.

Keane's party was definitely a blast. I loved everything from the food, to the games, to the mascots. hahahaha. It was a bit surreal, though. I can't believe that this little guy has actually turned one already! Time flew by sooo fast. I havent even fully absorbed the fact that we're all in that timeframe already. You know that time where everybody around you whom you've known since way way back, either start having kids or start getting married. It's nice, actually. =) Really, really nice. =)

And oh yeah, we're welcoming a new little kid in the group and we've all decided that the baby is gonna be a girl (her parents just dont know yet). ahahahaha. =) We're so, so excited. Can't wait. =)