Saturday, November 8, 2008

work, babies, parties and true friends.

It has been a sluggish work week. We've been on a heavy workload and I think it's beginning to take its toll on me. I come home and all I wanna do is sleep. James has been around more often than usual but that didn't even perk me up. He has been commenting on and off about how I have zero energy (true.). I dont know, I just feel tired and a tad bit overworked. Hopefully, things will be better this week.

One great thing about my week was getting to see the girls. It has been soooooooooo long since we last saw each other. Even if I had zero sleep, we invaded Keane's party with our endless stories and booboos. hahaha. =) It was nice to get reminded about how truly blessed I am to have friends like them. It has been years and yet here we are, still the same girls, cracking the same jokes (although our topics have since evolved to more mature ones. hahaha.)

Doesnt matter how rare we see each other, I know we'll always, always be friends. We've all gone through a lot, but I think what made things easier for us was the fact that we have gone through the tough times together. With them, I could just be me without fear of ever being judged.

Keane's party was definitely a blast. I loved everything from the food, to the games, to the mascots. hahahaha. It was a bit surreal, though. I can't believe that this little guy has actually turned one already! Time flew by sooo fast. I havent even fully absorbed the fact that we're all in that timeframe already. You know that time where everybody around you whom you've known since way way back, either start having kids or start getting married. It's nice, actually. =) Really, really nice. =)

And oh yeah, we're welcoming a new little kid in the group and we've all decided that the baby is gonna be a girl (her parents just dont know yet). ahahahaha. =) We're so, so excited. Can't wait. =)