Friday, October 10, 2008

Big Plans. One Leave.

I actually had big plans for my middle of the week leave from work. (okay, they were not really not that huge, read: life changing, but what the heck, they're huge for me. wehehehe.)

- go to the bank, deposit some money
- call travel agencies for hongkong-macau or hongkong-disneyland packages
- get a head start on our misallete
- finish my wedding master checklist
- finally organize all the fliers and brochures that I got from previous bridal fairs
- watch tv shows that I dont get to watch cause I'm at work
- make blueberry cheesecake (been craving one for the looooooongest time)

I had a good start. Around 11am, I went to the bank and succesfully deposited some money (love BDO!). Got home around 1, laid down for a while and started checking my mail and surfing the usual sites I visit. Went to get my phone and started calling travel agencies, but nobody seems to be answering (hmm, they might be on lunch break or something).

Got back to my lappie and started editing out the misallete. My eyes started to feel a bit droopy (I haven't slept since I came home from work), so I decided to take a short nap, thinking that I'll just get back to whatever I was doing a little later. Woke up around 4, I was simultaneously texting Tin about the "pabibos" and typing more stuff. Decided to wait for James (he got home around 5:30). We chatted for a while, then after signing off, I got back to my typing.

I remember that while I was envisioning the things I'm gonna do with what's left of my big leave, I started to feel a bit sleepy again and thought: " hmm, a couple minutes of snooze won't hurt." umm, no. I woke up to a dark room, TV off, lappie off. Picked up my fone and almost fell off the bed when I saw the time: 11:00 PM. WTF? ahahahaha. =) There goes my "big" plans.

oh well, at least I got "some" sleep. blueberry cheesecake can wait. =)