Sunday, November 9, 2008

Take A Bow with a Twist (by HappySlip)

James sent me this video from HappySlip and I love, love, looooove it. Got a bit teary eyed with the words she used in her Take A Bow Version:

You stand before me right now
Telling me all your vows
In front of God and our friends
I'll stay with you til the end
I pledge my life

After all that I put you through
You have shown your love that is true

And this is what I know
You are not self seeking
It's your humble heart
That always thinks of others
You are worth the wait
Noble man of honor
I stand before you now
and I accept your vows

For better, for worse
For richer, for poorer
In sickness, and in health
oh I am yours

I stand before you now
and I accept your vows

And then just when I was about to close the window, I saw that James made a comment (he's F5inc) on the site. Here's what he said:

F5Inc (1 hour ago)
this is really good. if there's only a way i could make it a song in my coming wedding when making the vows, i'd do it. thanks for the song.

awww. so sweet. =)