Friday, November 21, 2008

of leaves and suprises

We've all been there. You know those days when we're lying on the bed, wishing we didn't have to go to work and then thinking: "hmmm, what if I just call in sick and then sleep all night long." I'll be honest I have come close to calling in sick about more than ten times (hahaha) 'cause I felt like my pillows were calling me to go back and sleep. But for some reason, my conscience always gets the better of me.

Just this morning, I found out that all those days that I have chosen to step away from my bed and haul my ass off to work have basically paid off. By some sort of fluke we had extra four paid leaves and that's on top of my 10 encashable leaves. yey! I was super happy. I got to choose the dates that I wanted and all of those days would be when James gets back home. another yey! =) Love it. =) I was literally smiling on my way home, which probably looked a little bit crazy cause I didn't have anybody with me. hahahaha. =)

Another good news that I got this week was about the w@w auction. a little backstory: WeddingsAtWork held an auction wherein things like hair and makeup trials, photo and video packages, flowers, wedding coordination, etc were all up for bid. I wish I could have went for the big ones like Cecilio Abad Wedding Gown Packages or a Jason Magbanua Video Coverage, but most of the big ticket items were only until November 2009. Oh well.

But since I could not resist joining in, I just bid on the hair and make up trial packages, particularly Eddie Bruan's. It was fun and exciting. With literally 20 seconds left, I was able to win an Eddie Bruan HMU Trial for 750 pesos (it was worth 1,500). I was so happy. I mean, I saved like 50%. When I got the email from Ms. Benz confirming that I won the item, imagine my shock when she told me that I didnt have to pay for it. They're giving it to me for free! Wow! =) Talk about lucky. =) All this because I'm a w@w bride. =) hahaha. I just love being a w@w bride. =)

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