Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hairspray Invades Manila!

I know this whole Hairspray Manila thing is old news, but it was only this morning that James and I decided to forego our Baguio trip and go watch Hairspray instead. yey! =) Planning to get the tickets by Tuesday, my one last leave from work before December. I actually had my heart set on Baguio, but when I saw this clip from Our Awesome Planet, I completely forgot that I have been driving myself crazy making Baguio plans for the past two weeks. ahaha. =)

Here's a sneak peek of Hairspray Manila courtesy of Our Awesome Planet:

I've fallen in love with Hairspray about a year ago. I love how it's funny, fun and thought provoking all at the same time. And it doesn't hurt that it's a musicale. I looove musicales. hahaha. James does too, but he'll probably deny it. ahahaha. =)

As I was digging through youtube, I was able to come across this behind the scenes clip from Hairspray (2007). Loved Michelle Pfiefer and John Travolta. =)

Let's just hope we get good seats, cause otherwise, we'd probably just fall back on our Baguio plans. hahaha. =) *crossing fingers *

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