Saturday, November 22, 2008

crazy week

Whew. got into a bit of a tizzy last week. First, I had to finalize our Hong Kong-Macau trip, which was really not supposed to push through until last Monday, waaaaah. Cramming galore. I spent hours upon hours of surfing sites just to get all the information we would need. We'll be leaving on the 27th and will be coming back on the 30th. Whew. Crossing my fingers that everything will go smoothly.

One gripe though, I have communicated with the people from the two hotels that we've booked and for some reason the rates for their internet connection are through the roof! Our hotel in Hong Kong boasts of LCD TVs and Ipod Docks in their rooms, but I was told that for me to be able to connect to the web, I'd have to pay HK$150 per day for Wi-Fi (that's roughly 900 plus pesos) or HK$100 (roughly 600 plus pesos) for Broadband. Ugh. Our hotel in Macau practically had the same rates. Double ugh.

Hello! I mean, at this day and age, when WiFi is free at Starbucks or even at Burger King, I'd have to pay like a thousand pesos just to get net access for a day! Waaah. Makes me have second thoughts of bringing lappie along. I dont know if my kuripot persona could take it. ahahaha. On the other hand, I do need web access cause I have to finalize details with James (he's arriving December 1. Talk about hectic.) as well as with a couple of wedding suppliers we're supposed to meet the week after. another waaah.

Speaking of wedding suppliers, I had quite a bit of a sad moment the other day. I was informed by the photographer we were so intent on booking, that he was already booked on December 18 2009. Yup, more than a year to go and yet somebody already got him. Sad. No one to blame but me, I guess. I just really wanted James here when we start reserving the major suppliers. I guess it wasnt really meant for us.

Oh well. I've decided to stop obsessing about it, what's done is done. We have a wealth of talented pinoy photographers. It's just a matter of finding one that would fit our budget. I've already initiated communication with three possible photogs and we're supposed to meet them between December 2-4. I'm already excited! =)

It's gonna be a tight couple of days, but I just really want this thing booked and done. One less thing to think about. Whew. Here's to hoping everything will just turn out smoothly. I can feel it already, December's gonna be one hell of a crazy month. ahahahaha. =)
I just found out that I am one payment shy of officially owning lappie. yey! ahahaha. this was my first big purchase, and I am pretty much proud that I was able to pay for it out of my hard earned money. hahahaha. =) Next stop: wedding expenses. waaaaaaaaah. ahahahaha. =)

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