Sunday, March 15, 2009

turning into a web geek

Lately I have been toying with the idea of finally getting a web host provider for this blog. Planning our wedding has recently resurrected my love for blogging. There’s just a ton of information out there waiting to be shared to other brides and I have to admit that it is sometimes frustrating that I just can’t incorporate every single to our own wedding. Hahaha. That would probably be overkill.

Anyway, back to webhosting, there’s just a ton of providers out there. And being the not so technically savvy me, I relied on Google to learn more about the different providers out there. Surprise, surprise, there were practically thousands of results. Probably a good way to start with the research is to go to Web Hosting Geeks. It’s a site that compares different web host providers without you having to go to site after site after site and then confusing yourself even more.

There’s just too many providers out there for you to scan one by one. With Web Hosting Geeks, you have the ability to compare each provider. This way, you’ll see which one fits better with your webhosting needs. I love love these kinds of sites. Makes the research thing way easier. =) And oh my favorite part of their site? What else but the Web Hosting Geeks Blog! Loads of tips for newbies like me. =)

I’m just not sure if those providers will be able to host a local site like mine, though. But at least I get to familiarize with the normal features of a web host provider. Not bad, not bad at all. =)

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