Monday, March 9, 2009

flowers: check!

It was a hot Sunday morning. Me, my mom and dad all trooped down to the PICC Forum for the Wedding Expo. We started the day with lunch at Dencio's (supper yummy bangus sisig) and then went straight to the expo.

Having gone to about 5 fairs already, I basically knew my way around them and didnt want to spend time on every single booth. We skipped the photo-video section and all the other sections we now have suppliers for. My target: wedding rings, cake and flowers.

I wasnt able to concentrate on the cakes cause there were sooo many people around that area. For the rings, I wasnt really that decided to book right there and then cause they were a little bit more expensive than what we budgeted for and my kuripot side didnt really wanna give in to the idea of exceeding the budget. (okay fine, it was just 500 pesos, but still. ahahaha.)

next came the flowers, I'd be honest. I only had one supplier in mind and they were actually the reason why I insisted on coming to the fair. I was mostly decided to get them but I didnt tell my mom. I wanted her to talk to them without prejudice. ahahaha. I wanted to hear her feedback without any input from me.

Their booth was crowded and there were definitely a lot of people wanting to book them. We ended up talking to the wife of the owner standing up, her holding their laptop (which was coincidentally a twin sister of my lappie. wehehehe.) and showing us pictures of their work. as I said, I was already intent on booking them so I loved everything she said. ahahaha. my mom on the other hand had no expression whatsoever and calmly told the lady that we'll just come back later.

While walking away, I asked her what she thought and she said: "looks good. mukang okay naman." after rounding out the whole flowers zone, I told her: "I think I'm gonna book them na." and she said: "okay. they seem reliable and maayos naman kausap." yey! so after we went straight back to them and paid the down payment. woohoo! =)

who did we get? the all time w@w favorite: Angel of Hearts. :) Lawrence and Lorry Jean were super fun to talk to. =)

here's what we got:

1 bridal bouquet
1 maid of honor bouquet
4 bridesmaids bouquets
3 secondary sponsors bouquets
4 flower girls (pomanders and headdresses)
6 principal sponsor bouquets
2 mom bouquets
20 boutonnieres for the male entourage and principal sponsors
1 special boutonniere for the groom

loose petals
throwaway bouquet
car flowers
offertory flowers

all for the price of: SECRET. wahahaha. just leave a comment and I'll tell you in private. what I can say though is it was below the budget we allotted. yey! =)

for the kinds of flowers that are gonna be used, for my bouquet, I'm still deciding between Ecuadorian roses and Cymbidiums. I originally wanted tulips but they wilt easily and that's the last thing I want. to be honest I was already decided on the roses but when I saw the cymbidiums, I had second thoughts. (what's new?) wehehehe.

sharing some pics of Cymbidiums:
(the second and last pics are actual arrangements by Angel of Hearts)

now for the ladies, I'm thinking on a mix of gerberas, roses and carnations. still have to finalize that, though. so we still have to see. what's definite is that they will be in fuschia pink. =)

for the little girls naman, here's what I want them to look like:

for James, I was thinking if I go with cymbidiums, his boutonniere would match mine. roses would also be a good alternative. (unless of course there's a particular flower he wants.)

waaah, I'm super super happy. another one down. my next project will be booking my Hair and Make Up artist. so watch out for pics of my trials. =)

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Bryan.Tina said...

sis, pa-share naman ng price for the flowers =)

maan said...

hi sis. sure! =) I'll email you. =)

kaloy n bebang said...

sis, pashare din po ng rates pwede? thanks.. ;)

maan said...

sure thing sis, leave me your email address or you can email me at: =)

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I googled and saw this entry for "flowers"... I'm interested also in the rate that they gave you. Please email me! Thanks in advance! ~ Monique

Anonymous said...

Hi Maan,
I'm also planning to book Angels of Hearts when I get there. We almost have the same ideas about mixing gerberas,carnations and roses. I varieties.Can you share how much they quote you?

maan said...

hi Sharon,

I sent you an email with the price. hope you got it. :)

Anonymous said...

hi sis im also from w@w. sis pashare ng rates im looking for a florist kasi thanks. its

Anonymous said...

Hi, pa share naman ng price for the flowers...dec bride din ako...dec 8 to be exact. my email add

Anonymous said...

Hi! Your blog is such a blessing! Pashare nman ang package rate ng flowers. Thanks!

mia domingo said...

hi! may i know the rates for the flowers? thanks so much! email is

maan said...

emailed you already. :)

fran =) said...

hi there! i'm also thinking of getting angel of hearts :) i love your flower choices :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Maan, kindly share the price rate to us so we'll have idea. we appreciate your help.
( &

Anonymous said...

pa share namn ng rates sis