Wednesday, March 11, 2009

make up trial jitters

I'll be having my first ever trial hair and make up tomorrow and I am utterly scared to bits. Okay fine, I'm also excited. Butterflies in my tummy. But still my nerves seem to twitch endlessly. I just dont know what to expect, I guess. What if I looked like a drag queen or worse what if I looked like an espasol? Eeeek.

Well it's not like I'm entrusting myself with an amateur. This lady, yup lady, has been in the business for 17 years and is currently a makeup artist for Laura Mercier. She is one of the well liked in w@w and I must say one of the nicest I have ever communicated with. I have no doubts with her artistic prowess.

It's just that, let's face it, it really doesnt matter how good your make up artist is, if her style and the products that she's using does not suit you, it would probably be a disaster and that's what scares me. I'm definitely not a make up person (hello, can't you tell) and I know absolutely zilch about this stuff. Thus when asked I dont know what I want or what makes me look good.

sigh. the things a bride has to deal with.

I am a witness to the suffering of my people.
I am a chronicler of truth and a catalyst of change.

-The Scholastican-


giday said...

hi sis, excited din ako sa TMU mo. U know what sis, gandang ganda ako sau, im sure lalo ka pang gaganda sa wedding day nyo.
happy preps. God bless.

maan said...

wow. =) thanks for the vote of confidence sis! =) hehehehe. =)