Tuesday, March 31, 2009

DIY: personalized teabag

okay, those who know me really well know that I have no artistic bone anywhere in my body. one of my more memorable childhood memories was my dad telling me to sit down in a corner and said, nope scratch that, he demanded me to draw a human, which lead me to crying buckets the whole afternoon. I've been traumatized eversince. ahahaha. just kidding.

anyway, I do envy brides who make their own stuff, like their own invites, save the dates, their own cord, candle set, etc. in all fairness I did try to make the invites. I spent like four hours trying, which lead me to the conclusion that nope, I can't do it, even if my life depended on it. ahahaha. :)

anyway, I saw these personalized tea bags while surfing the net and I just fell in love with them. I was all set to order but then I found out they were just super expensive. hello, 50 pesos per bag? uuh, no. so I got up the courage to go and do them on my own. so here goes:

from this:

to this:

and finally to this:

aren't you guys just proud of me? wahahahahaha. :)

I wasnt able to take a picture of the back though. but you can see through the second picture. :)

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Practical Pinay Bride said...

Galing, Sis! We ARE roud of you! Way to go DIY Brides! ;)

maan said...

aww thanks sis! I dont think anyone would appreciate it this much except for the w@wies. :)

dezphaire said...

wow ang galing! congratulations!

maan said...

thanks sis! :)

Deck and Mae said...

Wow, wonderful idea sis! Good job!!

maan said...

thanks thanks sis! :)

Nhil said...

Ganda ganda! Great job!

maan said...

thanks nhil. :)

3na said...

hi, did u use any special paper for this?

maan said...

nope, that's bond paper.. :)