Sunday, March 8, 2009

Peace Out Francis M.

I'm taking a break from the wedding preps to pay tribute to one of the most influential people of our time. Francis Magalona died a couple of days ago due to complications of his Leukemia. He was 44. He left behind a wife and 8 kids.

I seem to have this thing about people dying early. I remember how couple of co-workers made fun of me because I was bit distraught when Steve Irwin passed away. I was surfing the web for about two weeks, trying to find articles about how he died. Of course I'm not even close to the guy but I felt a sense of sorrow for the young family he left behind.

Same thing with Heath Ledger and all the other ones who died before reaching their supposed to be passing away age. There's just a huge sense of loss and I would always feel like this shouldnt have happened. It wasnt their time yet (or maybe it was and I just didnt want to believe it.) and that there's lots more they can contribute to the world. There are just so many things they have yet to do.

Francis Magalona has got to be one of the bravest people I have ever seen. He fought his sickness with smiles and laughter. He stayed positive all throughout his treatments, however painful and tiring they might be. With his music and his photos, he gave a sense of hope to Filipinos that no matter how hard life may seem to be, it's all gonna turn out okay. And even if it doesnt, life, like a show, must go on.

To the King of Pinoy Rap, thank you for the hope. Thank you for the music.

while watching Eat Bulaga's tribute to Francis M. yesterday, this just about broke my heart. (shows how much his friends really loved him):