Saturday, January 10, 2009

Wedding Music: Check!

Just came back from a meeting with Roger Sigwa of Anima Choir. Finally, we were able to book them! Woohoo! =) I've waited months for this meeting and finally everything is slowly falling into place. =)

Most brides prefer to meet their grooms while a full orchestra is playing. Me? All I have ever dreamed about was walking that long aisle amidst heavenly voices of a chorale. Forget the violins and the flutes, all I want to hear are those beautiful voices blending perfectly well. I guess being a former chorale member myself, I cannot help but be biased. hahahaha. =)

The members are all former members of the San Miguel Orchestra and have performed here and abroad. " Their repertoire ranges from a capella and acompanied arrangements of sacred, classical, broadway, standards to jazz and pop pieces. " It took Roger a bit of time to reply to my emails but the wait was definitely worth it. =) Love them. =)

Let me share with you their music (one of the songs in the playlist is THE song. pero secret muna. hehehe..):

One down, more to go! =)