Sunday, January 18, 2009

love these. =)

me.want.these! I was surfing the web for souvenir ideas and I came across these uber cute Kokeshi / Momiji dolls. Why didnt I think of that before?

During the pamamanhikan their family gave us one of these and I really thought it was super nice. I didn't think of it as a wedding souvenir, though. One hitch is that they can be a pain to transport from Japan to Manila and we might end up paying more than what we intend to pay. (cheapskates!) hahahaha.

We were this close to booking a photobooth for our souvenirs and in fact we're going to a bridal fair this morning to check them out. I was also toying with the idea of doing away with the whole souvenir thing and donate the money to charity. Who keeps wedding souvenirs anyway? I know I dont/ hahahaha. =)

But these dolls, I dont know, they're just too cute to throw away right? ahahahaha. =) They're made of wood so they'll be easier to clean and definitely pretty enough to put on display. waaah. But they're probably gonna be expensive, though. hmmm. oh well, James is flying back to Japan tomorrow and I guess i'll just have him see how much they would cost.

(notice how I try to distract myself from the thought of him leaving. hahaha.) I dont wanna sulk.