Tuesday, January 20, 2009

found them! =)

finally found a local supplier for our paper lanterns and Kokeshi dolls. yey! =) I just stumbled on this site while looking for possible souvenirs: http://untc.multiply.com/. the wonders of internet nga naman. ahahaha. =)

they have this huge showroom in Cubao and I might just drag the parents there come Saturday after the meeting with Regie. and they're selling these at wholesale prices to boot! why not, di ba? =) definitely worth checking out. =)

Kokeshi Dolls:

Paper Lanterns:

okay na sana eh. kaso bigla may bigla akong naisip:

maan: "teka hon, sinong magkakabit nito?"

james: "ewan ko."

yun lang. hahaha. =)