Saturday, January 17, 2009

Gowns: Check!

Another fruitful week. =) Last Thursday, Me, James, his mom and sister, my mom and dad all went to see Regie Gaba. The moms were supposed to help us haggle the package for our gowns, but after speaking with Regie, they were so impressed that they didn't try that hard. hahahaha. =)

I so love Regie. He is super nice yet highly professional as well. He was with Rene Salud for 10 years and then decided to go solo. One added perk is that his house is situated in a subdivision right beside Greenheights, where James lives. Deinitely an easy commute for us.

Reasons why I adore him:

1. He goes to the hotel the night before the wedding to place the gown on the body form (which he provides for free), gussies it up so when the photogs and video people show up, it will be perfectly ready for the

2. When a gown incorporates lace, he makes it a point to accompany his brides to Carolina's in megamall, where French Lace is readily available, and allows her to choose the design that she wants.

3. He limits his weddings to about two a month to make sure that the quality of his work does not suffer. He personally beads each and every gown, which takes hours and hours and hours to do.

4. He stays with the bride from to the hotel, to the church until the reception to make sure that the gown is pristine and perfect every single time. He also bustles up the train to make sure that his brides will be able to move around the reception venue. He also requests that the entourage sees him before marching down the aisle, to make sure that all the gowns are in perfect shape.

5. With his skills and experience, he is not priced that high. I'd say he's mid-range, which is perfect for us. =)

I have also made the huge step of finalizing the motif. After months of agonizing, I finally did it.
hahahaha. =) : Gowns will be in Teal with a touch of silver paired with hot pink flowers. =)

My girls will be having all full length gowns (yes, all full length including the secondary sponsors) made of Japanese Silk Chiffon. Certain parts of the gowns will be beaded to accentuate them. Here are a few samples:

Mine will be made of french lace. A v-neck sleeveless top, with a beaded belt and duchess silk for the skirt with a cathedral train. I decided to veer away from the usual strapless gown and bolero. Initially, I did want to go for the strapless but as I was browsing through hundreds of designs, it just didn't feel right. I wanted something simple, clean and flowy. And when I saw this on a magazine, I just felt that rush. I so love it. =)

FYI for my girls: (Celle, Tin, Nicole, Mara, Olive, Sol, Twinkle, the rest I have to tell them first that they're included in the enourage. hahaha.) Fitting will be in June. We'll all go to Regie's house together so he can customize where to place the beads on your gowns. Basically they
all have the same silhoutte with different necklines and straps. But of course we have yet to see if the deigns will fit your body types.

See you in June. =)