Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hotel : Check!

Another one down. yey! =) I got worried this morning when I realized that December is peak season for hotels and I wanted to make sure that we could avail of the rooms we wanted. From w@w alone, I think there are 50plus couples getting married by December 2009 and at least two or three of them will be having their reception either in Fernbrook or Bellevue or Palms on the same weekend that we'll be having ours. So definitely, there will be a mad rush for hotel rooms.

Being the worry freak that I was, I just wanted to get it over and done with. I called up the hotel and after 15 minutes I got the word that we were able to book the rooms we wanted for preps. Big yey! =) I also availed of their membership which meant free overnight stay, upgrade to an executive suite, room discounts, food discounts, etc. =) With my membership I managed to save about 20k, saya di ba? =) hehehe.

Anyway, we will be officially staying at The Bellevue Manila:

A Deluxe Room for James for two nights and a Bridal Suite (Executive Suite) for me, also for two nights. We'll be checking in on December 17 to avoid the panic of doing it on the day itself. Yipee. =)

Next on my list? flowers, bridal car, hair and makeup and the list just goes on and on. hahaha. =) more ngarag days to come. =)