Friday, November 6, 2009

SHARING: our adult entourage gowns

sharing our entourage gowns from Reggie Gaba. love them to bits. still waiting for the beadwork to be done though. :)
Kriselle (maid of honor)

Tin (bridesmaid)

Mara ( secondary sponsor)

Celine (secondary sponsor)

Celine with her gown

loving the full length look

Fatima (secondary sponsor)

loving the beadwork

just the way I wanted it.. :)
I'm super super happy that half of our entourage gowns are already 90% done. It was a bit of a struggle with the conflicting schedules and all, but the wait was worth it. :) after the beadwork, we'll concentrate on the other half of the entourage. hopefully they'll be just as great. :)

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maan said...

update: James was able to get four of the 6 gowns na. yey! :) ready for delivery. :)