Sunday, November 8, 2009

SHARING: our shoe story

James and I had a bit of a hard time finding the perfect shoes. I have probably gone through most of the malls in Metro Manila trying to find THE one. My last option was to have one customized as I wanted to distance myself from the stress of having to follow up on order, etc. I wanted to buy a ready to wear shoe, period.

James on the other hand had a hard time finding his because I had set the budget and I conveniently forgot that men's shoes cost a whole lot. hahaha. He did scour most of the malls as well but could not find something he liked that matched the budget I had set. his solution: he doubled our budget. ahaha. :) It did work to my advantage cause I was able to buy an extra pair for the reception. yey! :)

so anyway, after months of searching, we have found the shoes for us and here they are:

a second pair for the reception: (couldnt stand walking on 3-inch heels)

his BIG shoes (haha):

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Anonymous said...

I love your shoes sis! Where did you get them?

maan said...

hi sis! :) would you believe SM Department Store? haha. :)i think the brand is SM Elegance. if I'm not mistaken it's 800 pesos ata. basta less than 1k. :)