Tuesday, November 17, 2009

SHARING: missalette covers

hey everyone! just wanted to share our missalette covers. we included Cherry Blossoms to pay tribute to James' Japanese heritage. :) here it is:

done printing all the covers. yey! :)

aww, look who's hard at work proofreading the missalette. :)
thanks hon! :)
feel free to leave comments.. :)
UPDATE: here's the link to cover. I used powerpoint lang. hehehe. :) Missalette Cover

for a free download of a formatted copy of the missalette, click here: Free Missalette

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Jhan said...

Wow! Lapit na tayo Sis!!! *apir*

Wala pa kaming missalette. Pwede pa-kopya! *wink*

maan said...

sure sis no prob! :) if you need files, email me nalang. :)

Anonymous said...

hi sis maan, lapit ka na..love reading your blog =) done na with our wedding last nov 6, supplier's rating to follow. btw, ask sana ako soft copy of fernbrook missal, helping out a friend for her wedding on feb 2010. enjoy the rest of the wedding preps! =)