Thursday, November 19, 2009

sharing: our invites from Printlane

big whoop for Printlane! :) we never had a problem dealing with them. love, love Ms. Au! :) I personally wanted a more formal invite and I wanted to veer away from digitally printed ones (no offense meant to anyone though.)

I just love how our guests keep on commenting that buti nalang daw our invites are on the formal side. bihira na daw kasi makakita ng ganito ngayon cause most couples daw opt for the digitally printed ones. I guess I made the right decision then. yey! :)

we got a really great deal with Printlane (under 7k for 120 invites). we printed the map and gatepass ourselves, though. :) both pages are thermographed (embossed) even the RSVP card, while the first page had a pearlized border to give it that formal feel. :)

sharing some pics:

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