Sunday, October 17, 2010

Missalette Template - FREE DOWNLOAD

One of the harder parts of the wedding preparations (at least for us) was making the missalette. I was definitely an OC bride with an OC mom to boot. LOL. :) Good thing my then fiancĂ©, now hubby, was very patient. He did everything from choosing the readings to typing to proofreading and eventually printing. How lucky can I get? hahaha. :) 
here's a picture of my hubby looking a bit frustrated over the missalettes (LOL):

Anyway, I wanted to share to all brides out there a soft copy of the missalette and I hope it at least saves you a bit of trouble. :) (doing the layout can be a pain, seriously). 

Just click on the link below and download away:

the format we used was provided by St. James the Great Ayala Alabang, try to check with your churches first if they have a specific format you need to follow.

feel free to share this post with anyone who you think needs the help. :)

a little extra:

sharing the cover of our misalette (made this myself..)

here's a post I made months ago about the covers: Missalette Cover

happy preps everyone! :)

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lelaina17 (GT) said...

thanks for this sis! it's really helpful. =)

che said...

Hi. May I ask how you printed them that they will be in order? I tried printing them but I can't seem to arrange them in the right order. Please let me know. Thanks.

MeMe said...

The wedding invitation is nice. It's really simple.

Just followed your blog from GT


Ninay :) said...

Hi Sis!got your site from a co-w@wie :) hmm i can't download the missalette :( huhu bakit kaya? is the downlink still working? thanks a lot sis!

maan said...

hi Ninay! just click on the link. an ad will show up, just click skip ad on the upper right hand corner. :) hope that helped!

Ligaya said...

Hi Ms. Maan, your missalette is really thorough and yet very easy to follow. Talagang pinag-isipan! Thanks so much for this, nakatulong talaga siya. Am working on the missalette of my friend's wedding kasi. Hope you and your husband are well, and God bless! v^^v

maan said...

hi Ligaya,

Thanks for the comment! :) best wishes to your friend. :)


Anonymous said...

Hi! I wonder how did you print them in order...please help me..thanks...:)

Marianne said...

Hi! I'm trying to print them in order but I'm having a trouble..please help me out... :)