Sunday, September 20, 2009

fitting day (repost from my Multiply)

Aug. !7

the girls and I had our first fitting yesterday. admittedly I was super nervous two weeks ago, what with everything that happened in Aklan plus the stress of wedding planning, I was an emotional wreck.

but something happened this week. I can't pinpoint what exactly but I felt more calm and less obsessive about the details. no, everything didnt go my way. if it did, my mom would have been there, kriselle would have been there. but I dont know, I guess I unconsciously cut myself some slack, I decided to let things slide and it was actually okay. :)

the fitting went really well. everybody looked awesome, no major alterations needed. the lining of my gown was absolutely perfect. the minute I put it on, it felt really, really good. and though I was there with just my dad, everything fell into place. afterwards we all went out to eat, bonding time with the girls, which was super fun, moreso cause it was my dad's treat. hahaha. :)

sigh. I know I still have more challenges ahead of me, and I would have to let go of everything eventually but right now I just want to revel in my happiness. everything's "perfect", period. big thanks to the girls, I know it wasn't easy juggling your schedules for me, but seriously thank you. having you guys there yesterday really meant a lot to me, especially cause my mom wasnt able to go and I really, really wanted her to.

what's next for this crazy bride? well, I'm taking a break. seriously. well at least until September 5 and 6 where I have to go to yet another bridal fair to book the last of our major suppliers (invites and cake). james will be home in about two months time and for sure it's gonna be hella crazy, so I'm taking my big break now, a big breather before my world turns upside down.

sharing some pics:

Tin is still missing her one shoulder strap, and no the red straps are not part of her gown. hahahaha. :) (but it actually looks good with the gown ha, in fairness.. hehe.)

here's what it's supposed to look like when it's done:

Reggie is still pinning Tim's gown at the back, it was a bit loose on her. (naks, pumayat. hehehe.. )

here's her sketch:

sol, as always, was as fit as ever. the gown looked great on her. :) that's Badang with Sol, she'll be doing the beading with Reggie.. :)

here's her gown naman:

Mara didnt want her picture taken, but Chay made her do it. hahaha. :) the gown was actually a bit more conservative than what I expected her to pick, but it looked great on her. :) (again white straps not included..)

here's Mara's gown sketch:

our Red Ribbon bonding moments with one singit (hehe..):

sorry no pics of my fitting, wouldnt want to spoil the suprise. hehe. :) i'll share my gown sketch though. besides baka makita ni james, no grooms allowed sa fittings! hehe. :)

it's gonna be a french lace top (which I personally handpicked), with a duchess silk bottom. the back will a bit seethrough to exhibit the beauty of the lace. the train will be long cause St. James the Great's aisle is long as well, but it will be bustled up during the reception so I can move more freely (thus the ribbons at the back). :)

sigh, I'm so happy. :) Thank you Lord!


a tiny reminder for the girls before my short vacay: 2nd fitting is on Sept. 12. word of the month: maintain. wala ng papayat ha. hehehe. :)