Sunday, September 27, 2009

bits and pieces

sharing a few of the knickknacks we’ve accumulated for the wedding:

our bible: (I purposely did not choose white. i’m not really a big fan of the color..)


my mom’s shoes: (side kwento: I was supposed to get these for myself but my mom said it was too simple for the bride. turns out she wanted them for herself. hahaha.:D great find, it was on sale..)


a possible bracelet: ( was thinking of getting the 10-strand one, but it was too much bling for me. this one is definitely more my style. still on the lookout for a nice cuff bracelet, though. )

100_0033 100_0035 100_0039 our mock rings: (I know I went overboard buying two sets, but what the heck, they were cheep. hahaha.  the one on the right was just 100 bucks from Divisoria.)


arrhae  cage: ( didnt really have a special preference for this. another Divi find. still waiting for the Japanese coins from James.) 100_0063

my earrings: ( was supposed to get danglings but they didnt feel right. good thing I stumbled on these in Glorietta. still looking for reception earrings, though. this pair is a bit heavy. I’m not sure my ears can take the torture. hahaha.)

100_0064 100_0074 100_0094

that’s about it. we’re still lacking a few more items. James will be coming home in two weeks and with him around, it will be easier going around the metro to complete the items we would be needing. I’ll share them once we’ve added a few more stuff to our wedding arsenal. :)