Saturday, July 25, 2009

Taking a Bag Break

Taking another breather from preps, I was idly surfing around the web for possible gifts for our entourage. (okay it’s still partly preps but at least it’s more fun than the other stuff I subject myself to.) Hahaha. J

I saw these uber cute handbags from a Multiply shop that would be perfect for my girls. They also have backpacks and laptop bags that are equally nice as well. I am really tempted to buy from them but I am a little bit wary of online shopping, so I guess I’m gonna have to think about it first. (I’ll just share the site if I decide to buy from them.)

Speaking of bags, my room has been invaded by these huge I-Am-Going-To-The-States luggage. My mom has been going back and forth Kalibo and she seriously needs to buy smaller bags. Hahaha. They’re just too big. Hmm, maybe I can take her bag shopping this weekend. J

Sigh. seriously. Back to preps!

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