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Knowing the Value

with the wedding getting closer and the stress level rising, this just got to me:

Real-Time Bride: Knowing the value

by Kerri Morrone on Mar 16th 2008 2:00PM

The closer my wedding gets, the more those "don't worry about it" details start becoming sources of chaos. Guest lists and address-wrangling and invitation finalization start taking center stage. Arguments over seating charts and wedding registries become frequent and irritating. And let's not forget the financial factor, where we are desperately trying to keep our budget balanced while planning our "dream wedding."

This is all without mentioning the regular stuff: life, house, jobs, cats, etc.

With barely 68 days left to go in our dash for the aisle, the strain of wedding planning is starting to take its toll. We're battling with each other. We're hashing out dodgy details on the phone with our parents. We're trying to be everything to everyone, and the pressure is tremendous. Yes, we'll call the reception hall. Yes, we still need to get bridal party gifts. No, we haven't given the DJ our song list. Yes, we're losing our minds, thanks for asking.

Brides and grooms to be, remember this: You are getting married because you love each other. Know and appreciate the value of your love. There is nothing more important than that fact. No botched wedding favor or muddled seating chart takes precedence over the real reason for this momentous day - your loving and dedicated relationship.

So while the whirl of the wedding machine spins wildly, I need to remember that I am so excited to be marrying my man, and no planning detail should push that love to the back burner. Once all this dust settles, we will be husband and wife. And that is a beautiful thing.

source: Aisle Dash

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