Thursday, July 16, 2009

house dreams

we’re almost done with our wedding preps (yey!), we’ve managed to book most of our suppliers already, though we’re still looking for a couple more. since almost everything has been checked off of our list, lately my attention has drifted to the life after the wedding, more specifically building or at least buying our own house.

James is currently working in Japan, which basically means after the wedding I will be following him there. it’s probably gonna be tough being away from home but we have mutually decided that we wont be staying in Japan for good, probably just until we’ll have the ability to go back and forth freely.

that decision lead to another huge step: buying our own house. admittedly I know absolutely nothing about the real estate world. I’d leave that to my mom.hahaha. :) but what I do know is what my dream house is like. allow me to share my house dreams with you. :)

I’d love to have a cozy living room, not too small but big enough to seat a group of people. I have always leaned towards furniture made of wood, there’s just something in them that screams warmth. I’d love to have French windows with cushioned seats near them, perfect for late afternoon reading.

The bedroom would be done in warm tones with lots of pillows everywhere. I’d love a huge bed, soft but firm. huge windows with sheer curtains would be perfect, just enough to let the sunshine in. I’d like it to be airy and relaxing, like an oasis from the polluted city.

And the kitchen, oh the kitchen. again the warm hues would be present. wooden cupboards and shelves but the fridge and all the other appliances would be in stainless steel, not to mention a huge stainless kitchen sink, now that would be perfect. modern meets cozy.

sigh. I get chills just thinking about our future home. these plans probably wont be realized until, umm, five years from now? but what the heck. a girl can still dream, right? :)


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