Monday, July 6, 2009

Blue Petals Catering

last Saturday, along with my mom and my dad, I was finally able to drop by the Blue Petals office to plunk down our 50% down payment. whew. another sigh of relief for me. I was raring to go for months but since my mom got so busy with the Aklan stuff, we had to put it off until she was free.

anyway, just like the rest of our suppliers, we had our eyes set on Blue Petals alone, no other catering services were in the picture. armed with great feedback from W@W as well as high recommendations from our family and friends, it was definitely Blue Petals or nothing. hahaha.

I booked for 200 guests initially, we’re expecting to up the number to 250 pax but James and I decided that we’ll just wait for the final guest count after the invitations have been sent out. their rates have increased a bit, but still very affordable nonetheless. for 200 people, we’ll be shelling out around 76,000 pesos NET, which is definitely not bad considering that most caterers charge 500-700 per head these days excluding the 10% service charge as well as the 12% VAT.

for those interested, here are some things to keep in mind:

* packages range from 38,500 – 45,500 for the first 100 people and then 235-290 / head in excess.

* rates are exclusive to a 10% service charge. no more 12% VAT, though.

* their packages do not include a cake nor a bridal car nor do they offer tiffany chairs. also, disposable items are not included nor provided for the excess food.

* overtime fee of 50.00/hour/waiter in excess of contracted time and 50.00/floor/waiter if the event is held in a building without service elevator

* no corkage fee if you decide on bringing food from other sources except for Lechon. if you would need a food warmer, you just pay for that (300/piece).

* ice cubes and water would be extra. that’s 25 pesos / bag and 35 pesos per 5 gallons.

Blue Petals may not have all the bells and whistles the big name caterers have to offer, but at the end of the day, it’s still far, far cheaper. the 76,000 pesos I have mentioned earlier includes EVERYTHING (service charge, ice cubes, no service elevator fee, etc.), that’s definitely a good deal if you ask me. :)



18 Guatemala Street
Better Living Subdivision
Paranaque City, Philippines 1711

Telephone Numbers:
+63 (2) 822-7510
+63 (2) 822-7511
+63 (2) 822-0142


our AE is Jonalyn Cano, who is super super nice! :)


Sheng said...

thanks for these info. we're also considering bluepetals, but their site is always down that's why i can't review their wedding package thoroughly. (di pa thoroughly ha eh i've visited the site more than 20 times na ata before. hahaha.)

maan said...

hi sheng! :) actually down nga yung site nila for a couple of weeks din ata, pero okay na sya ngayon.. :) look for Jonalyn pag pumunta ka or tumawag, she's super nice.. :)

Apol said...

whoa! i thought our caterer was cheap but here goes details for blue petals. we spent 80,009php Net for 150guests on our reception..

christine of w@w said...

hi sis! so happy for you that you've booked your caterer and you saved a whole lot of moolah! you can use it for other wedding-related stuff. good job! hehehe. happy preps sis! God bless!

chum said...

hi h2b sent them an email and text months ago but they didn't replied...can i have you ae's number instead? thanx
lexie of w@w

chum said...

can i have a copy din ng new package nila? salamat!

maan said...

hi lexie, it would be better if you call them nalang.. they dont normally respond to texts and emails eh.. :)

regarding the updated rates, ang nagbago lang is yung per head. 235,250 and 290 na sya ngayon. the rest are the same, including the rates for the 1st 100 guests.. :) sorry wala kasi akong soft copy eh.. :)

chum said...

thanx thanx

deski said...

hi! im planning to get blue petals as caterer for my son's bday, since their package is quite cheap compare to other caterer. please, please, can you give me feedback about the taste of their food, setup & service.

thanks so much in advance.

deski said...

hi! im also planning to get blue petals as caterer for my son's bday. since their package is quite cheap.

can you please give me some feedback regarding their food, set up and service?! thank you so much in advance!

maan said...

so sorry for the late reply. :)
we love Blue Petals, food was superb, not to mention affordable. set up is very basic, service was okay, not astounding, but they did pass my standards. :)

hope that helped. :)