Monday, May 4, 2009

Scents and Sensibilities

7 more months to go. Eeek. I actually feel like I’m slacking off. The other day I was going through a list of things to do when one tiny but really important thought popped into my head: PERFUME. yikes!

I mean, duh, why didnt I think of that sooner? I need to find the perfect scent! With all the hugs and the kisses I have to share with hundreds of people that day, I have to smell good right? Not to mention that I do have to smell extraordinarily delicious for my new hubby. hahaha. :)

It wouldnt have been a huge deal if I wasnt deathly allergic to perfume. Okay, I’m not really deathly allergic but I do have allergic rhinitis and my nose is extra sensitive when it comes to wearing perfumes. Whenever I smell something that makes my nose twitch, dozens of sneezes and a really bad headache will follow ASAP. Eww, wouldnt want that on the big day right?

Still, since it is a very very special day, I think I’m gonna go get me some scents that are easy on my nose. I do like a couple of perfumes like Pleasures by Estee Lauder, Kenzo Blue and Clinique Happy. Hmm, cant make up my mind right now. I think I have to spend more time deciding, wouldnt want to make the wrong decision on one of the biggest days of my life. :)