Thursday, May 7, 2009

my two cents

the world of wedding planning is chock-full of rules. everything from how much you should spend down to what a guest should wear, so many that if I'd actually follow each one, I'll probably have a nervous breakdown right about now.

for me a wedding is something subjective, something between you and your soon to be life partner. it's not limited by rules and certain traditions. yes, we all have the urge to please everyone but then again if you try to please every single person, you'll probably end up dead from all the stress. planning a wedding is so subjective that there are some things that are important to some couples, which others dont really care about. I really dont think there is a cookie cut template of what a wedding should be or shouldnt be, again it really depends on what the couple deems acceptable.

like for example, I dont really care that a particular guest is seated in a specific chair. I'm probably not gonna freak out if a certain guest wants to transfer to the chair beside him. we're probably gonna assign tables but that's about it, assigning a specific seat would just be too much. I dont really mind if a guest wears black or a dark colored hue to the church, heck, wear red for all I care. Also I'm not really particular about the cake, as long as it looks nice and it's within budget, who cares if it's chocolate or apple walnut?

I'm also not very particular about what my girls would be wearing. I dont plan on imposing a specific design. I just want their gowns be in full length and made of chiffon, period. I also would opt to fit my gown, three to four times at least, even after it's all done and beaded. I'm not really a big believer of the whole "malas pag sinukat" pamahiin. Although I am adhering to the whole the-groom-shouldnt-see-the-bride-in-her-wedding-dress thing. ahhaha. :)

On the other hand, there are some things that are non-negotiable for us. Like RSVP for example, it's not a Filipino thing, we know, but we're choosing to be strict with confirming who's gonna be attending or not. We dont wanna pay for 300 people only to have people cancel a day before or even the day itself. One, it's very rude and two it's a waste of good money. so note to all guests: confirm! :)

Another issue that has been hot these days is just how much money should be spent on a wedding, what amount is acceptable and what amount is extravagant. is there really a hard and fast rule, a particular amount that we all have to adhere to? I dont think so. We all have a different views on what's reasonable and what's not. What may seem reasonable to us may not be reasonable to another couple. again, to each his own.

Some have managed to pull of a 250k wedding for 300 people, well good for them. But for those who have chosen to spend almost a million, does that make them bad people? I dont think so. Just as much as it's okay to have a low budgetted wedding, I think it's perfectly fine to have a high budgetted one. Just because they have the money to spend, does not make them wasters in my book.

Again, these are all just my own views. As I said the world of wedding planning is too subjective and too complicated to even try to separate black from white. There will always be gray areas, what works for me might not work for somebody else. That doesnt make me extra special nor the other bride with an opposite belief extra special. At the end of the day, we may have different views but we're all still on the same level.

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Deck and Mae said...

I completely agree, sis maan. I just hope all people are as open-minded as you to not be judgemental when it comes to weddings. As you said, to each his own. I experienced how it is to be judged just because my wedding is not extravagant enough for some people's tastes. But, i don't care, it's my wedding anyways, and it's gonna push thru our way.. tomorrow!!

maan said...

wow, tom na sis? that's great! :) i'm sure it will be beautiful.. :)

khimphotz said...

blog hopping sissy. well said sis maan. every wedding is unique in its own little way. ala naman talagang wedding na pare pareho at tama ka sissy ala naman talagang set na budget or rules kasi depende sa taong ikakasal yan...

i love visiting your blog lagi updated and dami ko nakukuha na ideas

maan said...

aww, thanks sis khim. :)