Monday, May 18, 2009

Angel of Hearts

just got these pics of actual works Angel of Hearts, our supplier. aren't they just lovely? :)

I am a witness to the suffering of my people.
I am a chronicler of truth and a catalyst of change.

-The Scholastican-


Apol said...

we also got angel of hearts! very nice flowers talaga. mine would be all roses nga lang, so not much color in there. what were ur flower pics, sis? ^_^

maan said...

hi sis, we're going with ecuadorian roses and carnations. :) i'm still thinking though if I'll go with cymbidiums for my boquet. :)

Apol said...

great choices! i wanted to have ecuadorian roses sana but since we're not much keen with flowers, im fine with holland variety, all red roses. ^_^ cymbidium orchids are lovely flowers as well, not sure lang if they last longer as with roses