Thursday, May 21, 2009

mock rings

went to Ongpin, Recto and Divisoria last Sunday. it was definitely a looong day. sadly we weren't able to purchase THE rings cause the stores were closed. haha. I should have known. anyway, we'll probably just go back there after the fair on Saturday.

I was able to buy mock rings, though, our second pair. hahaha. I actually bought a pair about a couple of months ago, but when I saw these I just couldn't resist. They were much more closer to the actual ring design we had in mind. It's stainless steel, bought it for a hundred bucks. not bad, eh? anyway, sharing some pics:

me and James are not big jewelry people, that's why we opted for plain bands. not only is it more cost-efficient, I just cannot imagine myself wearing a multi-studded ring, NFM (Not For Me), maybe in 10 years. hahaha. :)

my schedule has been getting crazier and I'm slowly feeling the pressure yet again. right now, my only wish is that there would be no delays and there would be no more added stress cause I might just go bonkers. i'm almost done with the big stuff but everybody knows it's the small things that's gonna drive you up the wall.

please God, no delays, please.