Wednesday, June 3, 2009

NFM moment

I was browsing through The Knot when an article entitled Real Brides’ Biggest Wedding Regrets suddenly seemed to have popped out of nowhere. Being the OC bride that I was (still am), I immediately turned my attention to the article. One item caught my eye. It said:

"We wouldn't have done DIY invitations. The amount of money we saved just wasn't worth the time it took us to make them."

Tip: It's important to understand the nature of the projects that you're taking on before you or your loved ones commit to something you ultimately just won't want to finish.

Finally, somebody who actually feels the same way! For weeks now I have been trying to convince James that DIY invitations are just not for us. God knows I tried, I really really did. But it took me 4 whole hours to create a single invite. Yikes! Right there and then I decided we would have to hire somebody to make them cause I really do not have the patience and the time to make 150 sets of invitations for who knows how many hours.

I have nothing against brides who chose the DIY path. I’m glad they have the patience to do it (cause I sure as heck don’t), but I don’t exactly envy them cause it’s probably gonna eat up hours and hours of precious time, time that I don’t exactly have. Another NFM (Not For Me) for the books. sigh. what next?

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