Monday, June 15, 2009

daydreaming about the future

more than the wedding, what I am looking forward to the most is married life, the whole thing about buying a house of our own and filling it up with the stuff that we both want excites me far more than booking suppliers for the wedding.

initially, James and I wont be living here in Manila but we would be coming back after five years. so what we plan to do is that while we’re away, we build a house and start furnishing it so when we come back here for good, everything will be set.

my dream house would be something small and cozy. i’m not really a big fan of huge houses. probably a two or three bedroom place would be perfect. I’m also a big fan of wood furniture. I feel they provide a sense of warmth and coziness to a house. I also feel they would last far longer than any other material. besides, don’t they just look great? rustic furniture is masculine yet feminine at the same time.

i would love to have a huge heavy sofa with lots and lots of pillows and cushions. everybody can just sit there and laugh and tell stories. a wooden bed would also be perfect, it reminds me of our ancestral home. do i sound like a wood furniture freak already? i dont know, there’s just something about wood that seems to entice me.

oh well, i guess I have to stop daydreaming now, too many things left to do for the wedding. maybe in a couple of months we’ll get to the house stuff. :)