Sunday, June 21, 2009

entourage gown sketches

finally, the first batch of measurement taking is over and done. it was definitely not easy coordinating everybody's schedules and I so love my girls for really coming through for me. God knows I nearly went crazy, haha. :)

first fitting for this batch will be on August 8. second batch for measurement taking will be on October, hopefully with James here, things will be so much easier. for now, I'm taking a couple of weeks off from preps, I think I need a break. :)

sharing sketches by Reggie Gaba:

here's the motiff:
and here's how I want the bead work to look like:

big big thanks to the girls for taking the time, I'll see you guys soon. :) *hugs* for everyone.. :)

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lgeorgia said...

Hi Sis,

I like the styles, simple, not overdone. Especially the beadworks, nice :) Good job!


A Nautical Wedding said...

Sis maan..

I love the beading on the last gown, the one in pale pink.. hummm! maybe because I have uhm, bumpers, medyo vulgar na if un beading is yun 2 nauna... kaya medyo ito pinili ko.. he he (as if ako magsusuot.. ha ha)

happy preps!

maan said...

thanks sisses! :)

Jans said...

sis, love the colors you picked for the entou gowns... can't wait to see the final look!:)