Wednesday, February 25, 2009

personalized pre-nup sneakers

on our birthdays (Dec13 for me, Dec.26 for James). (one of my closest friends gifted us with two pairs of personalized sneakers for our prenups. Definitely one of the sweetest surprises ever! (super super thanks Tin!) what made them even more special was that they were actually made by another friend of ours. :) (thanks Jobo and Jen!)

an even more special feature of these sneaks: when you put James' left shoe with my right one side by side, it would read: IN LOVE WITH MAAN. while the other side says: I LOVE JAMES. love it! :)

and here they are:

So anyway, I must have been so dazed with the preps last December that I didnt know they've actually opened up a business and have been selling these shoes for quite some time now. hahaha. through Tin, I was able to confirm that they are still currently accepting orders. so for those interested, you can drop by Jobo's site (click on the link) and leave a message or you can email Jen:

I know their Multiply says for now they only accept orders from people living in the South. Please clarify this with either Jen or Jobo as I wasnt able to ask them about this. :)

here are some of the other shoes they've done:

happy preps you guys! :D

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