Monday, February 23, 2009

a south secret : GCF

for Southern brides who wish to veer away from the usual hotels and country clubs, let me share with you one secret:


Strategically located along Daang Hari, GCF is right before Fernbrook Garndens. If you're coming from St. James the Great in Ayala Alabang, it's probably a 10-15 minute drive tops. James and I have been initially aiming for Bellevue, but with the number of guests that we plan to have, it was just impractical and it was too expensive. To be honest, I didnt really want to spend that kind of money.

So off I went on a hunt for more inexpensive place. Believe me I went through hell and back just to find a great place. There were actually a lot of venues near our church but none seemed to fit well with our requirements. They were either too broken down or a bit far from our church.

That was until I found GCF. It was a typical day and I was just browsing through my
w@w emails and then one w@wie, Bonnie, suggested her venue to somebody else and I got curious. After an exchange of emails, I decided to check the place out. And there it was, the answer to my prayers. I actually had tears in my eyes when I saw the place for the first time.

GCF offers its airconditioned Worship Hall as a reception venue and it can easily fit about 300-400 people. The rent for the place includes the use of their professional sounds and liqhts equipment as well as a small room for your personal needs (it can serve as a courtesy room for kids or it can serve as your preps room where you can have your makeup retouched and your gown bustled up.) The fee also includes an LCD projector and screen. An added bonus to this place is that we can bring in caterer we want without caterer fees or corkages. yey!

All in all, after computing every single expense, we actually managed to save about P40,000. not bad, eh? I just feel so blessed that we were able to discover that place. It's also a big plus that the people there are just sooo nice. =) Anyway, here are some pictures (I'm telling you guys, it's HUGE.)

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Cams said...

thanks for sharing this to me sis! I'll schedule an occular to this place as well. Now I'm confident that I have choices within the south. You're an angel!

maan said...

hi sis! sure no problem. :) look for Nelson by the way. :)

Ella Go said...

hi. pls advise naman po rate nila. tnx. you can pm me @

Sheng said...

hi sis! thanks for visiting my blog. kindly email me the rates for GCF. we might need to change our venue. i love your blog, too. i hope you won't mind if i link it up. thanks again!

Catering Companion said...


I'm a caterer from Las Pinas. I'm scouting for Alabang venues for clients. Would it be alright to request for the contact details of GCF? Kindly send them to

Thank you in advance.


maan said...

hi Cristina,

sure no problem. I sent you an email already. thanks for visiting! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi,I'm getting married by jan 2010. Can you email me the contact of GCF & also the rate. Thanks a lot ;)

maan said...

sure, just leave your email here or feel free to send me one:

Unknown said...

Hi sis! You are indeed an Angel! Thanks for posting. Pa-email naman po ng rates nila sa

Anonymous said...

hi sis, thank you for blogging about this venue. it is a great help for brides-to-be like me. ;) can you share how much you got this venue, sis? you can send it to my email. thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi maan ;) your blog is really helpful and sooo entertaining to read! Can you please send the rates of your south secret =) Thank you so much!

watchamaculit said...

I came across your blog and it is really a big help. Would you mind if ask about the rate and the contact person of GCF Alabang? Thanks

maan said...

hi everyone, for those looking for GCF contact numbers, click the link above and it will lead you to their website. :) ask for Nelson. :)

ella said...

hi.please email me gcf's venue rates. thnx.