Tuesday, February 17, 2009

oopsies: on freelancing and birthday greetings

oops! my previous post was supposed to be an update and then I realized I wasn’t able to publish the other post so it wasnt really an update. ahahaha. anyway, here’s the post that was supposed to go before the updates post:

Definitely needed a break ASAP. Feeling the panic of recession, I have basically foregone sleeping the past few days. Currently freelancing as a transcriptionist (with no certainty of getting paid) I have spent hours after hours just trying to complete the files with bouts of asthma and allergic rhinitis on the side.

A week ago I was actually thinking of foregoing this leave but after the past couple of days, I was in dire need of sleep. Still thinking if all this freelancing gig is worth it though, maybe I’d be better off part-timing or something (at least there’s lesser risk of not getting paid). I don’t know. Will just have to wait and see if this pays off. sigh.

haven’t had the time to create special posts for my birthday greetings. huhuhuhu. but anyway,



MAUI: we super, super miss you. come back to Manila, now na. hehehe. saw a Terrano the other day and I remembered you. waaah. Uwi naman kayo ni Rach dito, kahit bakasyon lang. hehehe. tawag ka naman sa office, si Rach lahat inaaway eh. ahahahaha. =) (love you Rach, hehehehe.)

TIN: you know naman I’m always here for you (TINY bubbles and HUGE expectations including. ahahahahaha) thanks for always being there for me and always remember, kampi tayo lagi kesehodang kalokohan man yan or may wicked witch tayong aawayin. now on to more important stuff: ano, i-project na natin si you-know-who? wehehe. sabihin mo lang, pahunting natin si girl. hehehe. loves yah! *hugz*

TOSCA: babygirl tush, super super thanks for everything. I really appreciate yung excitement mo pag nagkwekwento ako about the wedding preps, really. it means a lot to me. we miss you na sobra. hi to Gelo. =) ingat lagi ha. loves yah tush. =)

REENA: we’ve been friends for such a long time and I really am glad na all through these years, we’ve managed to keep the friendship going. we met when we were like 12 or 13? that’s like 10 years ago! grabe. =) i miss the letters and the books and the DBP Workshops (kahit na my drawings looked like a 5-year-old could have done a better job while yours looked like they were made by a famous artist and worth like a million trillion bucks. ahahaha.) thanks for the years of friendship and memories. hope to see you soon. =) ingat lagi. =)

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I am a chronicler of truth and a catalyst of change.

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