Tuesday, February 24, 2009

bring me to Arizona!

What's up with the weather these days? It has been super hot lately. I swear, I cannot even sleep at all. In fact I’m currently using two electric fans just to kill some of the heat. It doesn’t seem to be working though. I would still wake up every few hours. Waaah. No, no no. I need sleep and I need it now.

Checked the current Manila temperature, I don’t really know if it’s correct, but it says that the current temperature as of 1:44 pm is 33 degrees Celsius. Huhuhuhu. I wanna cry. Okay no, I wanna sleep more than I want to cry. Can I just do both?

Definitely not a big fan of warm weather here (just in case you guys havent noticed). I’d rather be under heaps of cozy blankets, enjoying the cool breeze from my window than sweating from this irritatingly hot weather. Ugh. And it’s just February for crying out loud! What more in April or May? Can’t we just delay summer for just a tiny tiny bit? Or maybe we could fast forward to the rainy season already, as in right now? Oh well. Only in my dreams, I guess.

As I was willing myself to sleep, I chanced upon this website about Arizona. (see:Scottsdale Fine Properties ) The pictures looked so inviting with its currently warm but not to the point of melting days and cool breezy nights. Not too cold, yet not too warm. Sounds perfect. Just about perfect. Definitely envious. Sigh.

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