Sunday, December 7, 2008

HK-Macau '08

We've been back for almost a week now and I have not found the time to blog about our trip or post our pics. My days have been filled with meetings and oculars that I have yet to find time to finish reading my 1,000 plus email messages. Eeek! Anyhoo, I managed to snatch a couple of hours today, so this entry would probably be super loooong. ahahahaha.

First off, our HK-Macau trip was a blast. It was super fun, though really tiring. We have loads of pictures and I dont think I have the energy to give a blow by blow account anymore, so I'm just gonna let the pictures speak for themselves. (tamad eh no. wehehehe) Though I was basically freezing cold, even with all my layers, I really had fun. I even mentioned to James that HongKong or Macau could be one of our honeymoon options. His answer? We'll see. =)

Speaking of James. I should have known. When will I ever learn? ahahahaha. He was supposed to come home December 1. I got a call from him November 30, we were still in Hong Kong that time. He was asking where we parked our other car and where my tito's house where we parked it was located. I asked him why he was asking these questions and he fessed up that he was already in Manila and that he was planning to get the car and drive to the airport just in time for our flight. I was literally crossing a busy HK street when he said that and I nearly got ran over! ahahahaha. Typical James. Just another reason why I love him. =)

Whew. I changed my mind. I do want to list the things that I loved about the trip (hahaha):

1. Macau
- I soooo loved Macau. Every place we went to was just magical. And the weather? Fabulous! =) Venetian was a dream. Language was a huge barrier, though. And the people were not really that warm, unlike Filipinos. But generally Macau was absolutely super duper great. I wish I could come back next year for the Grand Prix. =)

inside the Venetian Hotel

feeling nasa Europe. wehehe.

ruins of St. Paul

malamig eh. bakit ba? ahahahaha.

2. HK Disneyland
- To be perfectly honest, I think I enjoyed HK Disneyland more than the one in California. I dont know, maybe because it wasn't really filled to the brim with people or maybe because it feels more like home with all the Filipino employees roaming around, always willing to lend a hand. At the end of the day, I was bursting with Filipino pride. The Pinoys there are super talented. My favorite? The all Pinoy marching band. Galing! =)

haba ng pila kay Mickey eh. hehehe.

parang Disney California din..

Golden Mickeys (definitely a must see..)

Snow White's castle at night

pinoys @ HK Disney (may panget na kasama. ahahaha.)

3. The Panorama Hotel
- Rooms were a bit of a squeeze, which was typical of Hong Kong, but the staff were so warm and efficient. They greet you with "Magandang Gabi" or "Salamat" and they're not even Filipinos. When we shopped, we had our stuff delivered to the hotel so we wouldn't have to lug them around. When we came back, we had a message on our TV screen reminding us of our packages. Cool!

There were also about 5 Filipinos working there and they did help us a lot with directions. Though we got lost on our way there, (the hotel is fairly new so the cabbies were not really that familiar with it..), when we finally got to the hotel, there were three bellhops who opened the doors and carried our luggage. They even checked if we left something inside the cab, which was a good thing, cause I almost left lappie behind with my frustration with the cab driver. whew.

na-amaze ako, promise. hehehehe.

bill namin, nakikita din sa TV. hehehe.

4. Trendyland
- Prices for Disney stuff in Disneyland were through the roof! My kuripot ways really could not take spending HK$40 for a small keychain. Good thing I was able to get a tip from pexers that I could buy Disney stuff at half the price in Trendyland. weeee. =) I loved it and it was right near our hotel. =) I snatched up some chopsticks for Tin and a Winnie the Pooh bookmark for Chot and a couple more stuff for my inaanaks, and syempre for me. wehehehehe. =)

Whew. The trip was a whirl, but definitely worth it. Relaxing? Umm, not really. Fun? Most definitely! =) Can't wait to go back. Hopefully with James naman next time. *crossing fingers* hehehehe.

more pics:

terorista sa Macau

at may kasabwat pa.

nagpipicture na nga, pinicturan parin sarili. vain! tsk tsk. panget naman. hahahaha.

feel at home? bahay mo? wahahahaha. =)

pulubi sa Disney. hehehe.

at least nakatingin naman kahit pano..

pamilyang pakyut. ahahaahahaha..=)

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Jans said...

Wow! Ang saya!.. Wish kami rin ni h2b maka visit sa HK-Macau..:)

maan said...

hi sis! naku dream din namin yan. hehehe. tingnan pa kung kaya ng budget. hehehehe.