Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wedding Math - UGH.

I spent most of the day poring over our wedding budget spreadsheet. It took me about 5 hours but fortunately I was able to finish everything and lo and behold even after all the additional expense, we managed to stay under budget. Yey! I feel so blessed that we were able to financially fund this whole wedding with our own money. God has really been good to us this year. Figuring out the wedding budget was one of my most hated wedding chores. Ugh. Math is the bane of my existence since who knows when. Me plus numbers equal to one big Math problem. Haha.

I remember back in High School, during my Freshman year, I needed all the Algebra help I can get. I seriously did not understand a thing especially those Algebra word problems. Just hearing about Math word problems would send my head into a dizzying spin. sigh. Thank God for my teacher who patiently tutored me until I finally got the correct Math answers. Her Algebra tutoring made it possible for me to pass my first year. If not for her, I would have hopelessly flunked. Sigh. In fact I felt so hopeless I even had to make use of Algebra online tutoring. Geez.

Oh well, at least I’m done for now. On to the rest of my wedding chores. I have about a hundred more with barely two months left. Yikes!

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