Tuesday, October 27, 2009

again with the web hosting

Yesterday, one of my friends asked me about web hosting. Just like the millions of people around the world, he wanted to have his own website but was still confused on which web host to get.

I know I’ve blogged about this twice already and I have yet to make good on my promise about getting my own web host. My days have been filled to the brim with meetings and wedding chores and I cant even read my emails these days. I’m up to 600++ unread emails now. Yikes! Anyway, I directed him to go and look at WebHostingGeeks.com, where there is a vast wealth of information with regards to web hosting. I just love it and I do try and drop by from time to time.

And not only that, the Web Hosting Geeks blog never fails to amaze me. It has loads and loads of tips for newbies to web hosting like me. Loves it! So to all you readers who are thinking of getting their own sites, head on to WebHostingGeeks.com, and have lots of information all at your fingertips. :)

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