Wednesday, August 5, 2009

words for the rings

although James and I have taken the more conventional path with our rings ( we simply engraved our names and our wedding date), I can’t help but go gaga over these wedding band engravings other couples have chosen..:


  • I found love, and love was you
  • the beginning of forever
  • give me a thousand kisses (hers)
  • and then a thousand more (his)
  • a perfect fit
  • worth the wait
  • until my forever ends
  • one sunset at a time
  • they dance under one sky
  • nothing else matters
  • someone to watch over me
  • today, tomorrow, forever
  • for I’d found love (his)
  • and love was you. (hers)
  • more than all of the stars
  • 999,995 more years to go
  • as long as there are stars
  • more today than yesterday
  • how forever feels
  • forever, I promise

feel free to share your own.. :)


    Jaki said...

    Thanks for sharing Maan!=)

    We'll probably just have our names and our wedding date on our bands just like you.

    But I'd want to have "..right up to the moon and back..', taken from the book Guess How Much I Love You.

    - Jaki (w@w)

    maan said...

    oooh, I like that Jaki. :)

    eyzelnut said...

    hi sis! this is a very nice idea. hopefully pumayag yung wedding rings suppliers natin. usually limited sa name and date lang.. if pumayag siguro ang lalagay namin..

    "It's not everyday that someone like you comes my way.."

    haba di ba sis. ewan ko lang kung magkasya yan. hehe