Sunday, August 2, 2009

sharing THE rings

a little backstory:
we heard about MyDiamond a few months back, one of my uncles worked for them. we went to a bridal fair and saw they were participating and we found they carried the exact design we wanted. from the get go, we wanted plain whitegold bands, nothing else. I am definitely not a stones girl and I wanted a wedding ring just like what my mom and dad had. fortunately James felt the same way.

anyway, at that bridal fair, I learned that the rings we were eyeing were just too expensive (even after the bridal fair discount). I was operating on a specific budget and I didnt want to go even a cent over it. that day I dismissed MyDiamond as a possible supplier. my mom and I went ahead and scoured the malls for budget friendly rings, but to no avail. I came close to purchasing one, but they were still 500 pesos over our budget. we even went the extra mile and made a long trip to Ongpin, but the ring gods must have been sleeping that day.

I was already in panic cause I really did not like the idea of spending more than what we alloted for it. Then came the March bridal fair. we went just for the sake of going, we werent really looking to book anyone. we passed by the MyDiamond stall and I saw the rings once again. I was curious about their promo and so I asked and there it was like a beacon of light, 50% off! wow! after computing, the sales agent qouted a price that was thousands lower than our set budget, yup, THOUSANDS. wooohoo! :) it was a no brainer, I paid the reservation fee without any hesitation.

May 23 - paid the reservation fee
June 23 - paid another 10% and signed off on the production

supposedly, the rings were scheduled for pick up on August 23. but come July 15th, I got a text message that really made my day: " hi Ms. Rodriguez. this is Che from MyDiamond. your wedding rings are now ready for pickup at MOA." woohooo! now that's fast service. :) that same weekend I picked them up and they were perfect. I so love them! :) MyDiamond is definitely a stress free supplier! I love them to bits. :)

and here they are with my original and pansamantalang engagement rings (story on that later):

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Ni said...

I'm so happy for you. I know the feeling of finally finding your precious. Although I'm no expert and our MyDiamond rings were free because I won them in Metro Wedding's contest,the quality of our rings wasn't sacrificed. I can attest that it's somewhat heavier compared to other jewelers' rings of similar design. Di pa mukang jologs yun rings nila, if you know what I mean? ;) Congratulations, sis. :)

maan said...

hi sis Ni! :) I super agree, they're somewhat heavier and more solid than what the other suppliers offer. and true iba yung dating ng rings nila.. :)

thanks sis! :)

carlamaldita said...

iba talaga ang feeling when you see na the rings! exciting!

maan said...

oo nga sis. I heard that din from other brides, now I know true nga. feeling ko talaga ang weird ko. hehehe. :) at least di ako nagiisa.. :)

Jhan said...

we have the same taste of design for wedding stones. just plain.

good buy yan at 50% off!!! sulit na!

irene said...

got our rings from MyDiamond too!
i just soooo love them! :)
50% off the regular price, 10% DP and the rest payable in 3 easy installments..
you can also ask them to customize the rings in the size you want, just like what my hubby did.. :)