Tuesday, September 30, 2008

i believe.

kismet. fate. destiny. serendipity.

At this day and age where pseudo relationships are the norm and that cyberdating and eyeballs are practically a coming-of-age ritual, are there still people out there who believe in fate? Are there still people who believe that there is this one person who was born for them and that all roads, with all its twists and turns, will eventually lead to that person?

I’ve met a lot of cynics. People who choose to believe that love is nothing but a sappy word. People who do not believe that true love still exists. People who have been hurt so badly that they choose to run away and build this huge wall around them. Are they right? Is true love really nothing but a romantic novel or a mere romantic-comedy with Julia Roberts or Drew Barrymore in it? At this day and age are there still happily-ever-afters?

I don’t know. I honestly don’t know. I have just suffered through my first ever heartbreak and there are days when I would start believing that it would probably be easier if I close myself to the world and just lock my heart and throw away the key. But every single time I remember how great it felt to love and to be loved, those thoughts slowly melt away.

Yes, I’ve been hurt. Badly if I might add. But for some bizaare reason I still believe in happy endings. Call me a silly dreamer, but in this crazy, cynic world, I’d like to think that dreams still do come true.


Luna said...


So I kinda do the same type of writing/blog thing and I think yours is phenomenal. I have experienced getting comments from people saying my writing was great or wonderful but I don't really think they get the message. Well, I promise you that you have at least one person who understands what you're saying and I think you say it very poetically. Please, read my blog and I hope you like it.



maan said...

thank you. =)