Monday, February 28, 2011

Of Prenup Shoots

Prenup photo shoots these days have gone from being just the classic posing in the park, holding hands while walking lovey dovey stuff to outrageous out of the box thematic shoots.

Just yesterday, a friend of mine was asking me where they can get matching nursing scrubs (she and her husband to be met in nursing school). I was about to ask her why when she told me that they needed it for their prenup shoot. how creative is that, huh? now how they're gonna pull shooting in a hospital, i dont know. hahaha. :D

Anyway I told her to first search the web for cheap scrubs. At this day and age, we can practically buy anything off the internet, especially now when Nursins is still all the rage here in the Philippines. Nursing uniforms practically show up anywhere and it's amazing the wide range of choices nurses have nowadays.

As for us, we went the classic route but had the shoot in an unlikely place: a cemetery. more on that on a future post. for the meantime, let me share some of our own photos by the ever talented Richard Buan. :)

here you go:

more pictures here.

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