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When we were distributing the invites, I got a comment from somebody questioning why we used NUPTIALS instead of NUPTIAL. well not to brag or anything, but I am very particular about grammar and the NUPTIALS vs. NUPTIAL issue was one of the things I researched on before approving our invites draft. so just to prove my point (as well as to help brides out there), I am posting my research to clear things up once and for all:


One of my wedding pet peeves is when the words “nuptial” and “nuptials” are used wrongly. Usually nagkakabaliktad. Grrr! Naiinis talaga ako. :-j Ang nakakatawa dito, this was the first reason why I decided to put up this blog kasi I want to share how to properly use the words.


pronunciation: npshl, npchl

part of speech: adjective

definition: pertaining to or relating to marriage


part of speech: noun

definition: a wedding

So since adjective ang ‘nuptial’, it is the word used to describe a part of a wedding like nuptial rites, nuptial candles, nuptial vows, nuptial church, nuptial mass… basta may kinalaman sa weddings, go yung ‘nuptial’. ‘

Nuptials’, on the other hand, is a noun which is basically a synonym of ‘wedding’ so, of course, it should be used as a noun. And this word is most often used in the entourage insert, for e.g. Avinante-Talavera Nuptials, Floreza-Co Nuptials, etc.

So please of you’re writing your invite wording and your invite has an ento insert, please make sure to use ‘nuptials’.


This word is commonly seen in the wedding invitations most especially in the Asian region. It hurts my eyes though when a formal and expensive invitation would commit a vital error.

Let’s start with the word “Nuptial”… basically an adjective which refers to the marriage ceremony or something that pertains to marriage. To recall our definition of adjective it simply means a descriptive word.

“Each country practices different nuptial rites.”
“I was touched by the nuptial vow of Carms & Den.”
“I was assigned to light the nuptial candle.”

For the word “Nuptials” … this is consider as a noun which refers to an entity, state or concept. Nuptials refers to the wedding itself. So when you opt to use the word ‘wedding’ never follow it with the word ‘nuptials’ otherwise you’re committing redundancy. To easily absorb this just remember that ‘wedding’ is replaceable with the word “nuptials’. This word is commonly seen in the invitations.

example :
“Lirio-Diaz’ Nuptials”
“Luzon-Partoza’s Nuptials”

I hope this confusion is settled… most especially to those brides who personalized their own invitations or for tags of your wedding favors.


A common dilemma when it comes to drafting invite wordings is whether NUPTIAL or NUPTIALS is the word to use. I just got a message from a client this morning asking the usual question. Well, the straightforward answer...NUPTIALS (with an 'S') is the word that applys when used for example as Mariano - De Leon Nuptials, as commonly found on wedding invitations.

I looked it up on the web and here's a simple explanation/ definition:
Nuptial - used as an adjective; of, or relating to marriage or the wedding ceremony. It's usually followed by the noun it describes such as nuptial vow, nuptial agreement, nuptial day, nuptial kiss, nuptial blessing,etc.

Nuptials - a noun referring to the ceremony, event or function.

Ergo, on wedding invites Nuptials is what we use. Hope this was helpful!


hope that settles it! :D

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twisted_len said...

wish you posted this before we sent our invites..hahaha i didnt bother to check that part..! il share this with my friends,,hope you dont mind :)

Amoruth said...

Thanks for this! This is exactly what I wanted to confirm before posting my wedding updates. =)