Thursday, April 2, 2009

luvin 'em colored shoes

source: Project Wedding

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-The Scholastican-


Anonymous said...

Love the shoes! :)

Should I assume from this post that you're planning to wear colored shoes under your wedding gown as well? :)

maan said...

hi Hazel! still thinking if I have the guts to do it. hahaha. :)

Apol said...

copied a pic from ur blog sis ha :p i've been contemplating on having my girls wear colored shoes kasi hahaha happy preps ^_^

maan said...

sure sis no prob. :)

Jans said...

hi sis! honestly ako, I'm really looking for a COLORED shoes.. ehehe!! for me baliktad, I'll settle for silver/cream lang if I can't find a blue or purple shoes na good price naman.. ehehe!!